MADE LONDON – Hikaru Noguchi’s Collection will be at the first retail fair of the season in London

Hikaru Noguchi’s collection will be available at stand number 22 (1st floor) at MADE LONDON, the finest design & craft fair, from 22nd – 25th October.

MADE LONDON – The Design & Craft Fair
is fast becoming one of the top selling events for designer makers in Europe. This enjoyable fair, in a beautiful central London historic venue, showcases the very best and most original designer makers, exhibiting and selling their beautiful and unique work direct to visitors.

Thursday 22nd OCTOBER – 11.00am – 5.00pm
Friday 23rd OCTOBER – 11.00am – 6.00pm
Saturday 24th OCTOBER – 11.00am – 6.00pm
Sunday 25th OCTOBER – 11.00am – 5.00pm

One Marylebone is just opposite Great Portland Street and
Regents Park tube stations.

There is car parking in surrounding streets (free parking at weekends)

Early Bird Tickets £8 until 19th October from
or £10 at the door which includes a catalogue (children under 14 free).


HIKARU NOGUCHI’s new collection is on sale in the LIBERTY Scarf Hall now.

The world famous scarf hall, on the ground floor of the famous art deco Liberty building, has started to sell HIKARU NOGUCHI’s latest scarves, hats and gloves since last week. Hikaru commented: “It’s amazing to see my collection at Liberty in London, which is on of the best scarf department in the world. They serve knowledgeable customers who care about details of the design and the materials of products. I can feel that individuality and beauty which come from the uniqueness of the collection are more important than commercial trends when I walk around Liberty.”

HIKARU NOGUCHI AW2015コレクションの今年の販売第一号はロンドンのリバティです。 ロンドンのリージェントストリートに店を構える創業1875年の老舗。創業当時からデザインや生産背景、クラフト性にこだわる独自の姿勢で選んだ商品群で世界中の人たちを魅了するリバティ。
木造の店舗の中央部分には、1階(GROUND FLOOR)からガラス張りの天井をまでの吹き抜けがこの店舗の美しさを強調しています。
スカーフホールとよばれるスカーフ売り場はこの吹き抜けのふもとにあり、HIKARU NOGUCHIコレクションをはじめ、リバティのオリジナルデザインのスカーフなど色とりどりのスカーフが丁寧にディスプレイされています。
天井降り注ぐ自然光によりいっそうの美しさを増すHIKARU NOGUCHIのコレクションの風合いや発色をお楽しみください。

LIBERTY Regent Street London W1B 5AH
(Our main entrance is located on Great Marlborough Street)

The AW 2015-16 hikaru noguchi men’s collection will be shown at:Capsule PARIS

Cité de la Mode, 1er étage, 34 quai d’Austerlitz, Paris, France 75013
Friday 23 and Saturday 24 January: 10am – 7pm
Sunday 25 January: 10am – 5pm
The Kid Mohair collection: soft and fluffy as a kitty and moussy as the froth on the cean’s waves
The Lamb’s wool collection: Inspired by graphical folk art with bright colours and stripes bold as a sunset on a sky-scrapered cityscape
The Cashmere Tweedy Collection: misty as winter forest

This year marks 20 years of Hikaru Noguchi’s collections. Every collection has experimented with new colours and techniques, building up a formidable treasure chest of experience to incorporate into the next collection, and helping to create beautiful, charming, quality products. Hikaru looks forward to another 20 years or more of creative production.
During the past 20 years, her relationship with Wales has been one of the most important elements in Hikaru’s design work. From this relationship, Hikaru introduced her Welsh Vintage Flannel tie collection to join her popular signature knitted ties. Over 20 years ago, Hikaru was awarded a textile research grant which she used to visit textile mills all over Wales. That led to the discovery of the charm of working with rural textile mills and the slow, careful and beautiful production style which they represent. This has become Hikaru’s basic design and production standard for her collections.
In recent years, Hikaru has forged deep relationships with the mohair industry in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, where over 70% of the world’s mohair is produced, visiting mohair goat farmers and learning how to the finest mohair is produced. She has been inspired by the sights of thousands of mohair goats in the endless empty dry African landscape, and cried and laughed with the farmers and farm workers at their stories of their struggles to produce the world’s finest mohair. There is a great feeling of satisfaction in knowing exactly where the raw mohair comes from, and that it is produced in an ethical and sustainable way.
Ethical and sustainable production is important, and infuses the way we plan and produce our products. But having fun, sharing jokes and cups of tea are also part of our philosophy, and we hope that the fun and the love for what we do shine through in our products just as much as the quality of the materials. We have no huge warehouses packed with stock. Every order is produced individually, paying attention to the needs of the particular customer.
And now Hikaru has added a new feature to her creative work – a Decorative Darning service. The aim is to up-cycle customers’ old hikaru noguchi products, so there is no more need to worry about moth holes! (Details of the service are available on request).


Hikaru Noguchi will show her work at MADE LONDON the design and craft fair

24-26 October
Sir John Sloane Church, 1 Marylebone London NW1 4AQ
This is hikaru noguchi’s only retail show this year Come to the show to see:
Beautifully detailed and crafted men’s knitted ties
Hikaru’s signature delicately coloured knitted shawls and scarves for women and men Hikaru’s new Darning Mushroom kits, to revive old knitwear by adding rustic darning hikaru noguchi is at stand number 24 on the first floor.
We look forward to seeing you!