2006-2007 autumn/winter

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2006-2007 autumn/winter

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Succulents are plants that live in dry, hot areas of the world. There are many varieties, but a lot of them look a bit like cactuses without thorns. They often grow in clumps, and remind me of biology class illustrations of cell divisions.
The leaves can be matt green, orange, yellow, or deep purple. They have a great wild beauty and can change the look of an earthy field into a magnificent rugged landscape.

My knit acceccories collection for this season was inspired by the image of a wild organic landscape dotted with succulents. I have used as my themes earthy colours, texture contrasts and organic patterns which, combined with the natural softness of wool, create garments and accessories which are both beautiful to look at and irresistible to touch.

2007-2008 autumn/winter

collection archives
2007-2008 autumn/winter

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Have you ever gazed up at the night sky and felt that millions of stars are falling towards you? During a storm, have you ever wondered at the energy of the thunder and lightning? Or looked out at the quiet, gentle falling of snow on a moonlit winter’s night?

Thoughts about the sky, stars, lightning and snow were the inspiration for my latest collection. My challenge was to express those thoughts using yarn and knitted and woven textures. No doubt, my customers and fans of my work will tell me whether I have met that challenge.

People often ask me if my products are hand made. Some of them are, but the majority are HAND CRAFTED, which I define as being made using hand operated machines. For some years, I have been working with small family run textile manufacturers who still regard the manufacturing process as a craft and who have great experience and knowledge of their machines, the techniques of which the machines are capable and the hand finishing of products. They cannot mass produce products like the mega-manufacturers, but they and I believe that what is important is producing small quantities of beautiful things.

Earlier this year I moved my studio from London to rural Wales. I have been working with local traditional Welsh weaving factories for several years to create original fabrics for my collection, and I am pleased to be closer to them now. All my products are can now be washed by hand at home, rather than dry cleaned, which gives them a better feel as well as being better for the environment.

雷や嵐も不安な気持ちのどこかに、いったいどこまで激しくなるのか! いつまで続くのか! 怖いもの見たさか、おさまらないで欲しいほのかな期待があったり。雪の降り始めはとってもとても静か。雪の夜は闇と無数の雪に吸い込まれなそうくらいロマンティック。なのに溶ける雪の風景はびちゃびちゃとちょっと汚らしく寂しいもの。

空が落ちてくるのではないか!?という不安にかられるほどの満天に広がる星空を、最近見ましたか? そんな雷、嵐、雪に雲、星なんかをグラフィカルに表現したり、空が繰り広げるいろんな出来事を感じながら糸や編地のテクスチュアで表現してみました。

ハンドメイド??? いいえ。hikaru noguchiの商品は厳密には’手作り’ではありません。最高級品をプライドをもって作り続けているような小規模の家族経営の工場で作られています。それらの工場と限られた素材と技術や経験、職人のカンと私のアイディアを駆使し、試作を重ねてコレクションは出来上がります。



また、hikaru noguchiの商品は自宅で手洗いが出来ます。良質のウール製品はぬるま湯で優しく洗ったほうがドライクリーニングより汚れも落ちるし、環境にもいい。なによりもふんわりとした仕上がりが嬉しいですね。

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2008-2009 autumn/winter

collection archives

2008-2009 autumn/winter

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The inspiration for the collection came from my travels around northern Britain and Ireland last winter, often in thick fog and feeling gusts of wind on my face. I visited remote rural places where local people still use old knitting patterns and do traditional needlework. I tried to feel and understand something about the lives of these people by standing on the steep stone steps leading up the cliff by a fishing village, feeling the texture of moss and seaweed, handling lobster baskets, gazing at windswept treeless islands and colour of the sky over the cold North Sea.

I tried desperately to capture and share feelings and emotions of the people whose ancestors first made those beautiful traditional knitting and needlework patterns. Then I used the emotions that I had felt in order to design my new collection.

The collection is inspired by the environment in which traditional knitting and needlework have been created but it is not reproduction or neo-traditional. It tries to capture some of the romance and the history of fishermen’s wives knitting for their families, as well as the history of knitting as a cottage industry. Many of the women I visited still knit jumpers, and sew garments for their families as well as helping themselves to earn some income. I hope to have captured some of their determination, passion and skill in my designs.

The majority of my products are made for me by a small family-run factories and individual knitters, all of whom are proud their skills and have a passion for knitting production. I hope that my customers will enjoy wearing my products as much as we have enjoyed creating them.




Hikaru Noguchiの商品の多くは、ごく少人数が様々な工程に携わり、経験からの技や手の勘が生きる、編み物生産への情熱があふれる家族経営の小規模工場や家庭内職さんたちによって作られています。そんな背景の持つ暖かさが皆さんに伝わりますように。

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baby blanket collection

The Cowichan people, who are natives of British Columbia in Canada, and the people of the Scottish highlands have both given me inspiration for my latest collection. Both groups of people live their lives surrounded by wild nature – forests, rivers and wild animals, as well as their livestock.
Their lives are quiet and uneventful by big-city standards. But these people are strong, hard-working and have a sense of community and belonging of which city-dwellers can only dream.

And on a few special occasions during the year, they sing and dance all day and night with music and high spitits,,,,,,,,,,,,, This is the image that inspired my Autumn and Winter collection 2009-10. I have concentrated on producing updated versions of traditional patterns, in colours that work for the latest season.

From the Cowichan, I took inspiration for my deer and river pattern scarves and gloves. From the Scots, I took inspiration for my fairisle and tartan check scarves. And from hardworking rural people everywhere, I took inspiration for the other shawls, scarves and gloves in the collection.

As usual, the items in my collection are designed to be worn equally comfortably by men and women.

The collection is made from the best quality Australian Merino lambswool which has a very soft, sheen and body. The yarn is spun in Scotland and Italy.



hikaru noguchiのコレクションは、女性だけでなく、良質な日常着を愛する男性に根強い人気があります。懐かしい雰囲気の伝統柄を活かした模様や編地に深い色合いのマフラーは着る人を優しい気持ちにさせてくれます。



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