baby blanket collection

baby blanket collection

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Soft + Funky + Bright + Stylish + Comfortable + Tactile + Washable = Wrap your baby beautifully !!

These baby blankets are beautifully knitted or woven by expert craftspeople working with the softest lamb’s wool, or a mixture of soft lamb’s wool and cotton. The care we put into their production, and the quality of our materials means that not only will your baby be warm and cosy, but the blanket will age beautifully to be passed on to the next baby – or the next generation! Although we call them ‘baby blankets’ they are big enough to use as an extra blanket for a child’s bed or even as a throw on the sofa.

The designer, Hikaru Noguchi, has two young children, and designs using her own experience as a mother. She hopes to share with others the pleasure she had in cuddling her own babies in beautiful blankets.

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