AW2014-15 hikaru noguchi collection

AW2014-15 hikaru noguchi collection – very special knitted accessories. Ties,
Scarves, Shawls, Snoods, Hats and Gloves designed for comfort and beauty

About tie collection………..
Hikaru’s 5th knitted tie collection has received an exceptionally positive
reaction from knitted tie fans all over the world.
The collection uses fresh fruity colours like Lemon Yellow, Cherry Red, Peach
Pink, Lime, Mint, and Satsuma Orange with navy, grey and chocolate.
The fresh colours are combined with simple designs to give a relaxed casual
look, which is underpinned by using the best quality wool and
uncompromising attention to detail and finish.

Show dates:
Paris Capsule Men’s 17-19 January 2014

New York Capsule Women’s 22-24 February 2014

Tokyo (by appointment only) March and April 2014

London Pulse Gift Fair 11-13 May 2014

all enqurieies:

New season for new ideas,,,,,

I am in the Midlands and Scotland this week visiting my manufacturers who have been knitting my products for over 15 years.  I am surrounded  by a pile of materials, yarn and machines, which is the best  environment in which to concentrate on developing new designs.
Anyway, there are bags of seconds here at the factory. Often there are  just small holes and minor damage, but I cannot sell them. I patch  them together to make blankets sometimes, but that’s not an easy job  either. What I can do with them? Let’s think,,,,





Shetland Trip Diary

I go to Scotland regularly to visit my factories, but they are all in Southern Scotland, the Lowlands. This time, I flew from Edinburgh to Shetland which is beyond the Highlands of Scotland. Could we call it the Toplands??

I visited the factory of Jamieson of Shetland, which is one of the most famous producers of real Shetland woolen yarns made from 100% Shetland sheep’s wool. In their very compact factory space, there are yarn processing machines, dyeing facilities, spinning, weaving and knitting facilities.

When I design my fabrics, I always consider whether to use use solid colour or a melange colour. Solid colour yarn creates a solid colour like oil pastel drawing, but melange yarns are made from several different dyed fibres mixed together, which gives deep, complicated colours.

My visit to the Jamieson of Shetland’s factory was the first time I had seen how melange yarn was made, so I was really excited.

They make small balls which are suitable for knitting needing a lot of colours, like fair isle knitting. I also loved their old fashioned style fun colours which are very unique and not east to find these days.



この海域は昔から漁業が盛んで、シェットランド島の首都ラーリックの港は近隣国の漁船の中継地として栄えていました。島の多くの人たちが副業として、島で育つシェットランド種の羊の毛を紡いで編んだセーターやレースのショールは、港の市場で売られました。この多色使いが美しいニット製品はセーターの代名詞ともいえるフェアアイル模様のシェットランド羊毛100%の毛糸を作る老舗メーカー、ジェミソンズ オブ シェットランド社の工場を訪れました。