The AW 2015-16 hikaru noguchi men’s collection will be shown at:Capsule PARIS

Cité de la Mode, 1er étage, 34 quai d’Austerlitz, Paris, France 75013
Friday 23 and Saturday 24 January: 10am – 7pm
Sunday 25 January: 10am – 5pm
The Kid Mohair collection: soft and fluffy as a kitty and moussy as the froth on the cean’s waves
The Lamb’s wool collection: Inspired by graphical folk art with bright colours and stripes bold as a sunset on a sky-scrapered cityscape
The Cashmere Tweedy Collection: misty as winter forest

This year marks 20 years of Hikaru Noguchi’s collections. Every collection has experimented with new colours and techniques, building up a formidable treasure chest of experience to incorporate into the next collection, and helping to create beautiful, charming, quality products. Hikaru looks forward to another 20 years or more of creative production.
During the past 20 years, her relationship with Wales has been one of the most important elements in Hikaru’s design work. From this relationship, Hikaru introduced her Welsh Vintage Flannel tie collection to join her popular signature knitted ties. Over 20 years ago, Hikaru was awarded a textile research grant which she used to visit textile mills all over Wales. That led to the discovery of the charm of working with rural textile mills and the slow, careful and beautiful production style which they represent. This has become Hikaru’s basic design and production standard for her collections.
In recent years, Hikaru has forged deep relationships with the mohair industry in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, where over 70% of the world’s mohair is produced, visiting mohair goat farmers and learning how to the finest mohair is produced. She has been inspired by the sights of thousands of mohair goats in the endless empty dry African landscape, and cried and laughed with the farmers and farm workers at their stories of their struggles to produce the world’s finest mohair. There is a great feeling of satisfaction in knowing exactly where the raw mohair comes from, and that it is produced in an ethical and sustainable way.
Ethical and sustainable production is important, and infuses the way we plan and produce our products. But having fun, sharing jokes and cups of tea are also part of our philosophy, and we hope that the fun and the love for what we do shine through in our products just as much as the quality of the materials. We have no huge warehouses packed with stock. Every order is produced individually, paying attention to the needs of the particular customer.
And now Hikaru has added a new feature to her creative work – a Decorative Darning service. The aim is to up-cycle customers’ old hikaru noguchi products, so there is no more need to worry about moth holes! (Details of the service are available on request).


MADE LONDON the design and craft fair.

This is hikaru noguchi’s only retail show this year. 24-26 October

Sir John Sloane Church, 1 Marylebone London NW1 4AQ

Come to the show to see:
Beautifully detailed and crafted men’s knitted ties Hikaru’s signature delicately coloured knitted shawls and scarves for women and men Hikaru’s new Darning Mushroom kits, to revive old knitwear by adding rustic darning hikaru noguchi is at stand number 24 on the first floor.
We look forward to seeing you!


Rope Picnic meets hikaru noguchi AW14-5 collection is ready in a shops and online now




*ROPE’ PICNIC ロペピクニック

Aran Knit Special at SEKAI NO AMIMONO 2014 Issue for sale now

世界の編み物2014-2015年秋冬号 伝統の編み物大特集hikaru noguchi がデザインするアランスタイルカーディガンが、表紙、巻頭ページを飾っています。

hikaru noguchiのニットレシピページおなじみの、色を変えて編んでみる提案にもお忘れなく!



Summer issue of Quilts Japan Magazine

Quilts Japan Summer 2014 Issue, Hikaru writes about English needle work artist Fleur Oakes and her famous micro-cross stitch stamp work in the Summer 2014 issue of Quilts Japan Magazine.
Fleur was at Middlesex University at the same time as Hikaru in the early 1990s, where she studied fashion design. Over a 20-year career, including spells as a fashion designer and a packaging designer, Fleur has developed the use of traditional English embroidery work, known as stamp work (three dimensional embroidery), and has used this technique to create beautiful made-to-order corsets as well as reasonably priced hand made buttons. Fleur’s buttons are very beautiful and very popular too, and
exude her creative essence. From my interview with her at her cottage and workshop located in a North London Victorian farm house, I was really fascinated to hear how her creative skills and ideas led her to develop commercially saleable products, like her famous buttons.

キルトジャパン誌 好評連載中、野口 光の’世界の手仕事から’。2014年夏号では英国の伝統刺繍技法スタンプワーク(立体刺繍)で花鳥風月を描くフラーオークスさんの特集です。





■日本ヴォーグ社 手づくりタウン

Spring issue of Quilts Japan Magazine

*In the Spring issue of Quilts Japan Magazine,* Hikaru wrotes about the contemporary quilts exhibition ‘alt-quilts’ at the American Folk Art Museum . Hikaru interviewed all three artists in the exhibition to explore their unique approach to using traditional patchwork and quilting methods and language to express their art.
In this issue, Hikaru writes about the third artist in the exhibition, Stephen Sollins, who has been creating art using used envelopes patched together. Much of his work is based on historical patchworks from American Folk Art Museum collection. So although the patterns feel regimented, the overall impression is remarkably light and modern, incredibly fine paperwork.

There is another article in this issue showing paper patchwork made from used wrapping paper in a workshop in an old age home in Japan, whose residents have difficulty do needlework any more. It is really interesting to see the contrast between paper patchwork as contemporaly art in New York and paper patchwork as a rehabilitation craft in an old age home. Both of them are fantastic!

キルトジャパン誌 好評連載中の野口光の世界の手仕事から。2014年春号は、私が2013年10月にニューヨークで取材をしたアメリカンフォークアート美術館で開催された「alt-quilts(もう一つのキルト展)」のレポート後編です。アメリカでパッチワーク、キルトといったフォークアートとしてアメリカの近代社会史において重要な位置にある手芸が、現代のアートの世界でアーティスト達にどのような影響を与えているか?あえてパッチワークを使うことで伝えられる表現とは、を追及した展覧会です。3名のアーティストと学芸員に現地でインタビューをして書き上げました。


■Stephen Sollins

■American Folk Art Museum


QuiltsJapan2014spring P1060799

Winter issue of Quilts Japan Magazine

*In the Winter issue of Quilts Japan Magazine*, Hikaru writes about contemporary quilts exhibition ‘alt-quilts’ at the American Folk Art Museum.
Hikaru interviewed all three artists taking part in the exhibition to find out their unique approaches of using traditional patchwork and quilting methods and language to express their art. In this issue, Hikaru writes about Sabrina Gschwandtner and Luke Haynes. Sabrina Gschwandtner
uses old documentary film tapes and patches them together to create the classic Log Cabin Pattern. Luke Haynes creates human images as 3D graphics on top of traditional patterns using vintage garments. The exhibition displays these contemporary works together with their folk art collection
and seeks the meaning in traditional patterns, social history and their influence on the art world.

キルトジャパン誌 好評連載中の野口光の世界の手仕事から。


■American Folk Art Museum

■Sabrina Gschwandtner


■日本ヴォーグ社 手づくりタウン

QuiltsJapan2014winter P1060764


For press Autum & Winter 2014-5 hikaru noguchi men’s & women’s collection

AW2014–15 hikaru noguchi men’s & women’s collection

Very special knitted accessories: Ties, Scarves, Shawls, Snoods, Hats and Gloves
designed for comfort and beauty.


hikaru noguchi の商品を応援してくださる方へ

@ the MIDTOKYO gallery 東京都港区六本木7-4-14
4月25日 金曜日 12:00~19:00
4月26日 土曜日 12:00~19:00
4月27日 日曜日 12:00~17:00

いつまでも hikaru noguchi の商品を大切に使って欲しいという願いから、こちらのイベントでご注文いただいた商品に関しましては、hikaru noguchi が試みる、ヨーロッパの伝統ダーニング装飾補修5年間保障サービスがつきます。
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