THE INVISIBLE ROAD(Collection theme)
There is a big old loquat tree outside the window of my studio in South Africa. The tree is covered in a tangled mass of ivy, and the combination of the loquat fruit and the ivy seems to attract many birds, who make their homes in the tree. I am not a bird watcher, but I cannot help but notice their daily routine as they go about their lives in my garden.
Some are migratory birds which have flown very long distances and managed to find their way to my garden. I am always amazed by animals' instincts for direction and distance. And this instinct to find your way, literally and metaphorically, is not just animal. I see it in the human beings around me all the time.
So I was delighted to find a wonderful bird print fabric called 'Travelling Birds' to use in my next collection. In addition there are some great new styles of ShweShwe fabric* which I will be using for this season. Using traditional indigo and chocolate colour bases with orange, pink, sky blue and mint accents, I have selected patterns like 'little boat', 'swirl', 'thunder zigzag', and 'a little house'.
My other great discovery for this season was some vividly coloured vintage lace fabric which I found in London and will be mixing with knitted elements on dresses and camisoles. I am also working on various shawls and spring-themed knitted hats. Just like the migratory birds in my garden, my journey of discovery through design goes on.
*What is Shwe Shwe fabric?
ShweShwe is discharged-printed cotton has its origin with the mid-19th century European settlers in South Africa, who were wearing printed cotton with tiny white patterns. This patterned fabric was later adapted and produced locally in South Africa, becoming what is today known as ShweShwe. ShweShwe was then adopted by local African ladies, who have worn it ever since.
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