HIKARU NOGUCHI TEXTILE DESIGN (HNTD) offers a visible darning repair service for moth eaten hole or worn and tear damaged Hikaru Noguchi products other than gloves.
To make use of the visible darning repair service:
1: Please send a picture of the damaged product, clearly showing the damage, to HNTD at: The size of the damage should be smaller than a 5p coin as it is not practical to repair larger holes or tears.
2: HNTD will let you know if the item can be repaired and, if so, give you an estimate of the time it will take to repair the item. It may take 4-8weeks.
3: If the item is repairable, we will ask you to send it to us (at your cost) in either the UK or Japan.
HNTD cannot accept any responsibility if the item is of lost in the post, so we recommend that you send it by registered post or other trackable method.
4: HNTD will return the darned product to the sender by recorded post at our cost.

It is important to understand that this is a VISIBLE darning repair service which means that the repaired area will be clearly visible on the item. We do this because we think that visible repairs make items more interesting and unique. The choice of colour and the stitch used for the repair are in our discretion. You can see examples of our stitch work on Instagram at: hikaru_noguchi_design

HIKARU NOGUCHI TEXTILE DESIGN(HNTD)では、hikaru Noguchiの商品(手袋を除く)の 虫食いや着古しによるダメージを補修する装飾ダーニングサービスを実施しております。
この補修サービスで行われる修繕方法は装飾ダーニングと呼ばれる修繕箇所に地の色とはコントラストのある毛糸を使って、あえて目立たせるような手法のものです。HNTDはhikaru noguchiの商品には、この手法で繕うほうが魅力的であると考えます。装飾ダーニングで使う毛糸の色はHNTDの判断にお任せください。装飾ダーニングの数々の用例が弊社のインスタグラム Hikaru_noguchi_designで紹介されています。是非こちらを参考にご検討ください。