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Fabric Design:
As I trained as knitted fabric designer, I usually start to think about textures and structures before I think about colours of the fabric. I have two knitting machines in my studio on which I constantly experiment by knitting small samples of fabric, and a lot of old knitting pattern books (my favourites are from the 1930s and 1960s). I also have a big collection of books on traditional folk costumes, which give me inspiration and remind me of the timeless beauty of knitting.


95% of my materials come from Scotland and Italy, where you find the finest spinners in the world.


I constantly look at how people wear and coordinate accessories. Then I think about the colour, pattern, size and weight of my products. I am also fortunate in that I am constantly surrounded by young and fashion-conscious people, and the combination of their enthusiasm for what is new with my knowledge of traditional craft patterns and techniques informs my design process.


I work with several U.K manufacturers and knitters to produce my work, and I love visiting them and looking at their knitting and weaving machinery. Occasionally, I find some scraps of fabric on the floors of their workshops which serves as inspiration for a future collection.

left) tweed dog for my collection 2004-05 autumn/winters
right) doggy cushion on the floor at manufactory
I show my collection at fashion trade shows in London (London Designers Exhibition) and Paris (Showroom Hortensia De Hutten) twice a year and find that these shows provide the best opportunity to meet fashion buyers from all over the world.


baby blanket collection

baby blanket collection

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Soft + Funky + Bright + Stylish + Comfortable + Tactile + Washable = Wrap your baby beautifully !!

These baby blankets are beautifully knitted or woven by expert craftspeople working with the softest lamb’s wool, or a mixture of soft lamb’s wool and cotton. The care we put into their production, and the quality of our materials means that not only will your baby be warm and cosy, but the blanket will age beautifully to be passed on to the next baby – or the next generation! Although we call them ‘baby blankets’ they are big enough to use as an extra blanket for a child’s bed or even as a throw on the sofa.

The designer, Hikaru Noguchi, has two young children, and designs using her own experience as a mother. She hopes to share with others the pleasure she had in cuddling her own babies in beautiful blankets.
Whole Collection / 全コレクション

latest collection

baby blanket collection


The Cowichan people, who are natives of British Columbia in Canada, and the people of the Scottish highlands have both given me inspiration for my latest collection. Both groups of people live their lives surrounded by wild nature – forests, rivers and wild animals, as well as their livestock.
Their lives are quiet and uneventful by big-city standards. But these people are strong, hard-working and have a sense of community and belonging of which city-dwellers can only dream.

And on a few special occasions during the year, they sing and dance all day and night with music and high spitits,,,,,,,,,,,,, This is the image that inspired my Autumn and Winter collection 2009-10. I have concentrated on producing updated versions of traditional patterns, in colours that work for the latest season.

From the Cowichan, I took inspiration for my deer and river pattern scarves and gloves. From the Scots, I took inspiration for my fairisle and tartan check scarves. And from hardworking rural people everywhere, I took inspiration for the other shawls, scarves and gloves in the collection.

As usual, the items in my collection are designed to be worn equally comfortably by men and women.

The collection is made from the best quality Australian Merino lambswool which has a very soft, sheen and body. The yarn is spun in Scotland and Italy.



hikaru noguchiのコレクションは、女性だけでなく、良質な日常着を愛する男性に根強い人気があります。懐かしい雰囲気の伝統柄を活かした模様や編地に深い色合いのマフラーは着る人を優しい気持ちにさせてくれます。



Whole Collection / 全コレクション


キルトジャパンで連載『野口光 世界の手仕事』が始まります

+ updated 9th September <予告>
キルトジャパン〈日本ヴォーグ社発行)11月号から新しい連載『野口光 世界の手仕事』が始まります。まずは「アフリカの民族ダンスとビーズ」というお話し。お楽しみに!