2008-2009 autumn/winter

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2008-2009 autumn/winter

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The inspiration for the collection came from my travels around northern Britain and Ireland last winter, often in thick fog and feeling gusts of wind on my face. I visited remote rural places where local people still use old knitting patterns and do traditional needlework. I tried to feel and understand something about the lives of these people by standing on the steep stone steps leading up the cliff by a fishing village, feeling the texture of moss and seaweed, handling lobster baskets, gazing at windswept treeless islands and colour of the sky over the cold North Sea.

I tried desperately to capture and share feelings and emotions of the people whose ancestors first made those beautiful traditional knitting and needlework patterns. Then I used the emotions that I had felt in order to design my new collection.

The collection is inspired by the environment in which traditional knitting and needlework have been created but it is not reproduction or neo-traditional. It tries to capture some of the romance and the history of fishermen’s wives knitting for their families, as well as the history of knitting as a cottage industry. Many of the women I visited still knit jumpers, and sew garments for their families as well as helping themselves to earn some income. I hope to have captured some of their determination, passion and skill in my designs.

The majority of my products are made for me by a small family-run factories and individual knitters, all of whom are proud their skills and have a passion for knitting production. I hope that my customers will enjoy wearing my products as much as we have enjoyed creating them.




Hikaru Noguchiの商品の多くは、ごく少人数が様々な工程に携わり、経験からの技や手の勘が生きる、編み物生産への情熱があふれる家族経営の小規模工場や家庭内職さんたちによって作られています。そんな背景の持つ暖かさが皆さんに伝わりますように。

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