Magic Patch Quilts Japan 6 by les editions de saxe in France now!

Magic Patch is a French Patchwork Magazine published by Les Editions De Saxe.
You can see Hikaru’s article, Des Ateliers du Monde (Workshops of the World) at pages 48 and 49 of the latest issue. In this issue, I write about a traditional mill in the north England, Linton Tweeds which was established in 1912. Linton Tweeds met with Coco Chanel, and was the fabric weaver behind the famous Chanel Jacket which is still an iconic garment for ladies all over the world. Linton Tweeds weaves small quantities of unique fancy tweed fabric for top market fashion designers all over the world using innovative Italian yarns like metallic yarn and paper yarn.
They are happy to keep their mill on a small scale, which gives them the possibility of keeping un-copyable unique creative designs and flexibility in their production processes. There is a nice factory shop as well as a cafe. I strongly recommend visiting the mill when you are visiting the Lake District in the north England.