Quilts Japan New Year January 2015 Issue now on sale

In this issue, Hikaru writes about the Embroidered Soft Toy brand, HEARTWORKS in South Africa

It is amazing to see these adorable soft toys by HEARTWORKS – Teddy Bears, Monkeys, Rhinos and Heart Cushions which are more like collectable decorative objects than soft cuddly children’s toys. Each piece has completely unique applique and embroidery. I also love HEARTWORKS because they employ many home workers who are struggling ladies from poor backgrounds, working hard to build lives for themselves and support many members of their families. This is a very typical African ethical business production background. But HEARTWORKS doesn’t demand charity. All their home workers work hard together, aiming to create a high standard of creative, attractive products. Congratulations to HEARTWORKS.

好評連載中 キルトジャパン2015年新春号の‘野口光の世界の手仕事から’ は
南アフリカ、ケープタウンをベースに展開する刺繍、アップリケ工房 ハートワークスを取材しました。