Finally! hikaru noguchi’s on-line shop is opening on 12th September 2014.

hikaru noguchi’s on-line shop

Over the past few years, so many people have asked when we would start an
on-line shop.

We always believed that trying on our beautiful products was an important
part of the buying experience, but fans of our products insisted that they
would like to be able to buy on-line.

So we got together with the mills and workshops who produce our products,
to bring our fans a carefully edited collection of the best of hikaru
noguchi – on-line.

The majority of hikaru noguchi products are:

Unisex … equally suitable for him and for her

Reversible … no right side or wrong side. Both sides are equally beautiful

Natural Fibre … merino sheep’s wool, cashmere and angora goats’ mohair, and
sometimes silk and cotton.

Home Washable … gentle hand washing using hair shampoo is the best way to
wash natural fibres, especially wool, cashmere and mohair

Produced in traditional cottage style quality knitting mills … where those
who make our products are skilled craftspeople, rather than assembly line