2007-2008 autumn/winter

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2007-2008 autumn/winter

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Have you ever gazed up at the night sky and felt that millions of stars are falling towards you? During a storm, have you ever wondered at the energy of the thunder and lightning? Or looked out at the quiet, gentle falling of snow on a moonlit winter’s night?

Thoughts about the sky, stars, lightning and snow were the inspiration for my latest collection. My challenge was to express those thoughts using yarn and knitted and woven textures. No doubt, my customers and fans of my work will tell me whether I have met that challenge.

People often ask me if my products are hand made. Some of them are, but the majority are HAND CRAFTED, which I define as being made using hand operated machines. For some years, I have been working with small family run textile manufacturers who still regard the manufacturing process as a craft and who have great experience and knowledge of their machines, the techniques of which the machines are capable and the hand finishing of products. They cannot mass produce products like the mega-manufacturers, but they and I believe that what is important is producing small quantities of beautiful things.

Earlier this year I moved my studio from London to rural Wales. I have been working with local traditional Welsh weaving factories for several years to create original fabrics for my collection, and I am pleased to be closer to them now. All my products are can now be washed by hand at home, rather than dry cleaned, which gives them a better feel as well as being better for the environment.

雷や嵐も不安な気持ちのどこかに、いったいどこまで激しくなるのか! いつまで続くのか! 怖いもの見たさか、おさまらないで欲しいほのかな期待があったり。雪の降り始めはとってもとても静か。雪の夜は闇と無数の雪に吸い込まれなそうくらいロマンティック。なのに溶ける雪の風景はびちゃびちゃとちょっと汚らしく寂しいもの。

空が落ちてくるのではないか!?という不安にかられるほどの満天に広がる星空を、最近見ましたか? そんな雷、嵐、雪に雲、星なんかをグラフィカルに表現したり、空が繰り広げるいろんな出来事を感じながら糸や編地のテクスチュアで表現してみました。

ハンドメイド??? いいえ。hikaru noguchiの商品は厳密には’手作り’ではありません。最高級品をプライドをもって作り続けているような小規模の家族経営の工場で作られています。それらの工場と限られた素材と技術や経験、職人のカンと私のアイディアを駆使し、試作を重ねてコレクションは出来上がります。



また、hikaru noguchiの商品は自宅で手洗いが出来ます。良質のウール製品はぬるま湯で優しく洗ったほうがドライクリーニングより汚れも落ちるし、環境にもいい。なによりもふんわりとした仕上がりが嬉しいですね。

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