Story about Mohair….

AW2014-15 hikaru noguchi men’s & women’s collection

Very special knitted accessories: Ties, Scarves, Shawls, Snoods, Hats and Gloves designed for comfort and beauty.

About hikaru’s mohair collection………..
Hikaru has been working with mohair farmers and processers in South Africa for several years, at the centre of mohair production for the world. This diamond of all fibres comes from angora goats and Hikaru’s products use only the best quality 1st sheering baby goats’ hair which is exceptionally fine, soft, and shiny, and still has unique characteristic of mohair’s bouncy quality.
Hikaru knows where to source the best mohair, and who involve in the production process for her products. Now that Hikaru knows every story about goat farmers and fibre processers she can personally ensure the quality of her products, of which she is very proud.

Trade Show and Event dates:

@ WEST GALLERY 東京都渋谷区 恵比寿西 1-16-8 彰和ビル1F
Tuesday 18th March (12:00-20:00)
Wednesday 19th March (10:00 – 20:00)
Thursday 20th March (10:00 – 18:00)

@ the MIDTOKYO gallery 東京都港区六本木7-4-14
Tuesday 22nd – Sunday 27th April (12:00 – 19:00 / 最終日27日は17:00閉館)

@ London Pulse Gift Fair 11th -13th May 2014

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