For Quilts Japan’s Summer Issue Hikaru Noguchi reports on the LIBERTY IN FASHION exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum in London, and on the doyenne of British printed textile designers, Sarah Campbell.

QUILTS JAPAN 2016 SUMMER issue is now on sale.
Hikaru visited the LIBERTY IN FASHION exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum in South London for QUILTS JAPAN magazine. To understand more about this exhibition and the history of Liberty, Hikaru attended a one day study seminar at the museum.
The seminar included the very interesting social history of Liberty. Especially interesting was a talk by Angela Smith about how Liberty influenced the late 1960s to 70s Fashion and Social movements.
I remember those styles and hearing about the social movement of the late 60s, but I was too young to understand what it was about at the time. I also talked to and exchanged personal experiences with other Liberty fans, ex- employees and suppliers.


Also in this issue, Hikaru’s regular “World of Hand Work” column features the great master of British print designers, Sarah Campbell.
When I was an early teenager, my father brought home some pieces of Liberty fabric from a UK business trip.
One of them was “Bauhaus”, the most famous Collier Campbell design for Liberty (Sarah Campbell was a partner in the textile design duo), a design which I really love.
So it was very special to meet Sarah Campbell and hear her life story as a professional designer for the article.




また、好評連載中の「世界の手仕事から」では、上記の展覧会でも大々的に紹介された、リバティの70-80年代を代表するテキスタイルデザイナー姉妹コンビ、コリア キャンベルの妹さん、セーラ キャンベルさんを取材。


この生地は、野口が80年代にイギリス土産でもらったというコリア キャンベルがリバティのためにデザインをした代表作であるバウハウス柄。


セーラ キャンベルさんのお宅で、アフタヌーンティーをいただきながらのインタビュー記事をお楽しみください。


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