Summer issue of Quilts Japan Magazine

Quilts Japan Summer 2014 Issue, Hikaru writes about English needle work artist Fleur Oakes and her famous micro-cross stitch stamp work in the Summer 2014 issue of Quilts Japan Magazine.
Fleur was at Middlesex University at the same time as Hikaru in the early 1990s, where she studied fashion design. Over a 20-year career, including spells as a fashion designer and a packaging designer, Fleur has developed the use of traditional English embroidery work, known as stamp work (three dimensional embroidery), and has used this technique to create beautiful made-to-order corsets as well as reasonably priced hand made buttons. Fleur’s buttons are very beautiful and very popular too, and
exude her creative essence. From my interview with her at her cottage and workshop located in a North London Victorian farm house, I was really fascinated to hear how her creative skills and ideas led her to develop commercially saleable products, like her famous buttons.

キルトジャパン誌 好評連載中、野口 光の’世界の手仕事から’。2014年夏号では英国の伝統刺繍技法スタンプワーク(立体刺繍)で花鳥風月を描くフラーオークスさんの特集です。





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